Charging once more into the Crossfire: Sorry, but Documents Proving Lt. George W. Bush went AWOL were for sure Made on a Typewriter

An Informal, but Technically Accurate Paper on Documents Related to Lt. George W. Bush While Serving in Texas Air National Guard

On Labor Day, 2004, Dan Rather interviewed me for that week’s 60 Minutes Wednesday broadcast regarding documents related to the younger President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard. I shall refer to him by his military rank at the time of his military service, Lt. Bush, out of respect for the rank he achieved and for the military service itself. Overnight the 60 Minutes folk were viciously attacked by bloggers who seemed to think that anyone disagreeing with them in the least was an enemy, and each enemy apparently perceived as an opponent to be destroyed. The underlying irrationality, illogical assumptions and false assertions upon which the bloggers’ attacks were based perplexed me. For the vilified it seemed like being the main course for a feeding frenzy by sharks that have only the smell and taste of blood to unite them.

In this paper, I hope to redirect this focus to observable physical realities. I respectfully submit that in any debate one can be courteous and civil, as well as willingly admitting of contrary physical facts, and simply tell the truth about the basis of an irrational belief: “I believe 3 in my political philosophy because I choose to believe in it. I concede that any number of demonstrable and undeniable physical facts are contrary to my belief, but I am tolerant and will endure their impertinent existence. I believe because I believe and prefer to believe. I suspect you have similar beliefs, but I do not wish to argue the matter. Will you now do me the favor to let me buy you a drink?” Therefore, in this paper I will limit myself to demonstrable physical facts that are, as Albert S. Osborn was wont to say, as plain as the nose on your face.

Full Report with Document Specimens and Analysis: Charging once more…