Examiner of Questioned Documents & Handwriting


Marcel B. Matley has been a document examiner since 1985, providing a spectrum of services in the discipline. His experience includes evaluation of the work product of examiners to unearth their accuracy and/or their mistakes by establishing proper observation, logic, scientific theory and technical methods.

• Assistance in discovering erroneous, incomplete or incompetent opinions regarding documents and handwriting.
• Consultant to other document examiners.
• Handwriting authentication and signature verification, including numerals.
• Genuineness of logs, diaries, and other writings in series.
• Determination and demonstration of alterations, deletions or additions to documents.
• Formulation of questions for voir dire of opponent’s document examiner.
• Preparation of pertinent citations for cross-examination from learned treatises.
• Identification of the writer of poison pen letters and anonymous writings.
• Examination of foreign scripts.
• Other aspects of questioned document examination.

• Board Certified, National Association of Document Examiners, October 2000.
• Vanguard Network, Board Certified Handwriting Professional, April 28, 1998.
• Certification with commendation, Paul de Sainte Colombe Center, January 28, 1981, with honorary Charter Membership Certificate, April 8, 1982.
• Consultant and mentor to other document examiners.
• Confidentially consulted by several public agencies on administrative issues.

Available upon request.

• Presentations at NADE Conferences:
2015, Nashville, TN: Reliability and Admissibility of Handwriting Expert Testimony, jointly presented with Professor Michael Risinger and Carole Chaski. Also presented on case law about use of copies by handwriting experts.
2014, Honolulu, HI: The Eight Directional Movements in Handwriting.
2013, Omaha, NE: Daubert is an Expert’s Best Friend.
2011, Montreal, Canada: Knowing the Daubert Criteria. Co-presented with J. Joseph.
2010, Portland, OR: Rhythm in Handwriting: Its Determination & Value in Identification.
2009, Boca Raton, Fl: Impeachment: Countering Incorrect Opinions.
2008, Austin, TX: Pre-conference with Jacqueline Joseph, The Two Pillars of Individuality and Identifiability in Handwriting.
2007, Tucson, AZ: Pre-conference with J. Joseph, Book Smarts for Document Examiners.
2006, aboard Mariner of the Seas: You’re a what? Featuring techniques for inoculating the jury (including CD).
2004, Anaheim, CA: Pre-conference: Daubert and Handwriting Expert. Conference: Kumho Case.
2003, New Orleans, LA: Humorous Moments in History of Handwriting Expertise.
2002, Ann Arbor, MI: Examination of Russian Birth Certificates.
2001, Crawley, England: Angle Value [jointly with Maureen Ward-Gandy]; A Case with the Kinderprint.
2000, Albuquerque, NM: How to Read Things Critically.
1994, Concord, MA: Answering Challenges on Voir Dire.
1993, San Francisco, CA, two-day intensive course: The Physiology and Forensic Identification of Handwriting.
1992, Atlanta, GA: Human Graphic Motor Sequence.
• Poster Sessions at NADE Conferences:
2015, Nashville, TN: Decipherment of an Obliterated Numeral.
2014, Honolulu, HI: Hand Etching on Brass Plate of Civil War Era Carbine.
2012, San Diego, CA: Fingerprint Case.
2008, Austin, TX: Alleged Chinese Suicide Note.
2004, Anaheim, CA: INS Case.
2003, New Orleans, LA: Daubert.
2002, Ann Arbor, MI: Examination of Russian Birth Certificates.
2000, Albuquerque, NM: Examination of Graffiti Writing.
• 2003 AAHA/AHAF Joint Conference: Alzheimer’s and Handwriting; Linguistic Changes in the Normal Elderly [based on two forensic cases and research in academic literature].
• 2002 AHAF Nor Cal Seminars: Health and Handwriting. March: Toomey’s 25 Health Clues. April: Review of Research Published in Medical Literature.
• 1999 AAHA/AHAF Joint Conference, Post-Conference Workshop: Physiological and Psychological Foundations [of the production of handwriting]: Forensic Applications.
• 1998 Vanguard Pre-Conference: Speed in Handwriting.
• 1997 Vanguard Conference: Physiology of Handwriting Exemplified by Writer’s Cramp.
• 1995 IGS-AFDE Joint Conference: A Protocol for Research in Disguised Handwriting….
• 1995 AHAF Symposium: The Physiology of Handwriting.
• 1993 ABFHA Conference: Qualifications Impeachment.
• 1990-1992, organizer, instructor and co-producer with Ted Widmer at the annual Seminar in Document Examination, in San Francisco.

• National Association of Document Examiners (NADE).
• The Expert Witness Institute (EWI), London, England.
• American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF).
• Vidocq Society, Philadelphia, PA, Special Member.
• The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Committee E30.
• American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Federal Courts and state Courts in California, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas and Vermont; and Doha, Qatar. Four-year list of testimonies available upon request.

• American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Annual Meetings, Questioned Documents:
2014, Seattle, WA, all-day workshop only, February 14: Bias in Forensics….
2007, San Antonio, TX.
2005, New Orleans, LA.
2001, Seattle, WA.
2000, Reno, NV.
1998, San Francisco, CA. Saturday, attended Jurisprudence Section.
• Thermo Scientific, all-day seminar. Spectroscopic Solutions, June 20, 2012.
• Thermo Scientific, all-day, individual demonstration. Nicolet IN-10, Ft-IR, June 05, 2012.
• Thermo Scientific, all-day seminar. Near-IR Seminar, 2007.
• Expert Witness Testimony that Wins, presented by Phil Walker, JD, 2006.
• Annual Conference, NADE, May 19-21, 2005, Quebec, Canada.
• Adobe Photoshop and Document Examination, intensive workshop by Gary Herbertson,
July 16-17, 2005, Berkeley, CA.
• Thermo Scientific, all-day seminar. Vibrational Spectroscopy, 2005.
• Seminar on forensic features in handwriting of criminals, conducted by Ted Widmer.
• 2000 Vanguard post-conference, Forensic Document Examination, by Judith A. Housley.
• Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Winter Conference, Portland, OR:
1999, Dynamic Cross-Examination.
1997, Expert Witnesses.
• Third Annual Conference for Testifying & Consulting Experts, San Francisco, 1996. Also pre-conference: Preparing for Cross-Examination: Developing ‘Active Listening’ Skills.
• Professional Education Systems, Inc., California Evidence Workshop, San Francisco, 1996.
• 1979-80 privately instructed by Rose Toomey, author of Health Clues in Handwriting.
• Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, CA. MALS, June 1963.
• San Diego State College, San Diego, CA, 1962-63. Graduate studies, Political Science.
• Immaculate Heart Seminary, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA, 1954-60. Courses included Philosophy, Logic, Rational Psychology, History, Rhetoric.
• Saint Francis College, El Cajon, CA, 1952-54. Liberal arts, science.

• Personal collection of more than 15,000 items in handwriting science, document examination and case law, along with current subscriptions.
• Developed proprietary databases exceeding 12,000 citations to forensic, academic and legal periodicals and to case reporters. These are all on-going projects.
• Haas Atlas, the most complete collection of typewriter fonts.
• NADE and AHAF maintain lending libraries of professional literature for members.
• Both standard tools and specialized equipment, details available upon request.

• AHAF Library renamed Marcel B. Matley Handwriting Research Library, June 09, 2012.
• First recipient of NADE Distinguished Service Citation, 2013 Conference, Omaha, NE.

Periodical Articles in Legal Journals:
1. At Issue. San Francisco Association of Legal Assistants. 18:17+, June, 1991.
Photocopies: traps for the too trusting.
2. California Paralegal Magazine. 3:10-11, July-Sept. 1991.
So you never saw a forgery…or you just never caught it.
3. California Paralegal Magazine. 3:15-7, Oct.-Dec. 1991.
Clues to authorship of the anonymous letter.
4. National Paralegal Reporter. Vol. 17, #2, Winter 1992.
Preventing fraud with personal checks.
NOTE: I have not seen the published version of this paper nor do I have a copy of the issue it appeared in. The above information is from the Internet.
5. Practical Litigator. 13:21-33, September 2002.
Using and cross-examining handwriting experts. [The journal retains the copyright.]
6. The Recorder. 120:1+, Jan. 29, 1996; 120:3, Feb. 23, 1996.
A trail of ink; how forensic experts provide hard evidence of doctored documents. [Letter to editor]
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More on forensic document examiners. [Letter to editor]
8. San Francisco Attorney’s Magazine. 25:20-2, Feb.-March, 1999.
The expert ambush: How to hold off your opponent until the cavalry arrives. [Reproduced by permission of The Magazine in www.ExpertPages.com/news, in June 1999.]
Periodical Articles in Forensic Journals:
9. Ewitness.com. Articles. Oct. 19, 2001.
Deposition of experts: Q & A. Illustrated as with handwriting experts. Co-authored.
10. Forensic Expert Witness Association Newsletter. 2004:3, 15-16, Summer 2004.
Handling the handwriting expert (or any other expert).
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Letter to editor.*
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Forensic handwriting identification: Is it legally a science? A review of court cases which hold handwriting examination to be a science.*
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Case citations relating to court ordered exemplars and disguise of same as contempt of court and obstruction of justice; a discussion and interpretation.*
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Standardization of terminology for slant in handwriting. [Letter to editor]
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Letter to editor re: “Eye-hand coordination: The logic of questioned document examination.”
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The 1-to-1 adapter lens. A technical paper.
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The law of document examination. [Legal research]
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The graphologist as expert witness; a survey of some reported cases.*
19. Journal of the National Association of Document Examiners. 17:28-33, Spring 1995.
A case report. {Scott Doe et al. v. Kohn, Nast & Graff}
NOTE: Marcel B. Matley was the unnamed author of the section on case law.
20. Journal of the National Association of Document Examiners. 19:12-23, Spring 1996.
A case of Chinese handwriting.*
21. Journal of the National Association of Document Examiners. 19:1-9, Dec. 1996.
Vox populi or a graphic ventriloquist? A case report of disguised signatures. Coauthored with Jacqueline Joseph.*
22. Journal of the National Association of Document Examiners. 21:1-5, Spring 1998.
The making of one’s own exemplars; the post litem motam rule as illustrated by California.*
23. Journal of the National Association of Document Examiners. 21:15-30, Spring 1998.
The Vincent Foster “suicide note.” Did Strategic Enterprises’ purported experts prove it forged?*
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How to prove a genuine signature is forged while trying to prove it to be genuine. A study in the multiplication rule of probability theory. *
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Comparison of handwriting in federal court by the trier of fact.*
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Handwriting research: Cast a wide net. [Annotating selection of scientific papers on handwriting from American Journal of Occupational Therapy.]*
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There is more to Daubert than Daubert: Explanations and critical commentary as illustrated principally through handwriting expertise.*
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Daubert in English for medical-legal witnesses: How courts will view you. [The Publication retained the copyright.]
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The difference a difference makes: Variations in handwriting identification.*
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Questioned document case #2.
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Touting the good. [Letter to editor on dating inks]
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Book review. Expert witness handbook, Dan Poynter, Santa Barbara, CA; Para Publishing, 2005, 3rd ed.
Periodical Articles in Other Journals:
34. AHAF Journal. 31:1, 8-9, 12, Nov.-Dec. 1998.
The dilemma of ataxic handwriting.
35. Ewitness.com. Articles. Site M, 10/19/2001. 6 pages.
Deposition of Experts: Q&A. Illustrated as with handwriting experts. Co-authored.
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37. The Vanguard. 1998:10, October-December, 1998.
38. The Newsletter of the National Association of Document Examiners. Previously titled:
The Communique. Various issues.
NOTE: These are small items and snippets of information of sundry kinds. This publication was of a topical and ephemeral nature, and I did not retain a file of it nor a list of my various contributions except for my formal articles which are listed below.
39. Communique. 19:1, January 1999.
Book review. Document examiner textbook, by Jess Dines. Review co-authored with Katherine Koppenhaver.
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Government vs graphologically trained document examiners.
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46. Vidocq Journal. 9:1+, February, 1998.
Murders they wrote.
47. Vidocq Journal. 9:6, May 1998.
Letter to the editor. [Regarding the Jon Benet Ramsey Murder Case]
NOTE: Letters and papers have been submitted to journals which never replied as to acceptance or rejection, so there may be published materials I am unaware of.

48. Admissibility of handwriting expertise: A survey of post-Daubert cases. Third edition, 2013.*
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63. “Black Diaries” Attributed to Sir Roger Casement; The Audrey Giles Report. This item was requested by Kevin Mannerings and Nigel R. Bradley, April 21, 2002. Critical evaluation of The Giles Report shows it to be an unreliable exercise and actually supportive of forgery of the Black Diaries rather than proof of their genuineness.*
64. Complete Defeat for Foes of FDE: The Courts Have Spoken. CD, 2006. [Limited edition of 100 copies for complementary distribution.]
65. You’re a What? Featuring Techniques for Inoculating the Jury. CD, 2006. [Limited edition of 40 copies for distribution at 2006 NADE Conference.]
66. Book Smarts for the Document Examiner, Featuring the QDE Index. Pre-conference presentation with Jacqueline Joseph at NADE Conference, May 20, 2007, Tucson, AZ. DVD, 2007.
67. The Two Pillars of Individuality and Identifiability in Handwriting. Presented with J. Joseph on April 21 and 22, 2008, at the NADE Conference in Austin, Texas. DVD, 2008.
68. Affidavit by Marcel B. Matley. Filed in Immigration Court, San Francisco, CA, April 21, 2006, regarding documents signed by Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian in reference to service in Texas Air National Guard by President George W. Bush, setting forth falsehood of purported proof that such documents were forged.*
69. A critical evaluation of: “On the Discriminability of the Handwriting of Twins.” Explains why research published in 53 Journal of Forensic Sciences, 430-446 (March 2008), by Sargur Srihari, Chen Huang and Harish Srinivasan, did not support the reliability of expert handwriting identification.*
70. Daubert is an Expert’s Best Friend. NADE Conference, April 25-26, 2013, Omaha, NE. DVD.
71. Charging Once More into the Crossfire: An Informal, but Technically Accurate Paper on Documents Related to Lt. George W. Bush While Serving in Texas Air National Guard. A privately issued, open-access publication. October 29, 2015.*

72. Carta & Inchiostri; tecniche di accertamento. A cura di Pacifico Cristofanelli e Silvio Lena. 1999, AGI, Ancona, Italy. Pages 204-209: Indagine critica sulla datazione della pasta biro. Traduzione e adattamento de Silvio Lena. [Original English title: “Dating ballpoint inks; a survey and critique.”] MY WEB SITE, www.handwritingexpertconsultant.com, has more than twenty pieces written by me for open access.
*These item are posted open access at https://archive.org.