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To reveal hard facts of clients’ evidence and that of their opponents. To apply Aristotelian logic and common sense to my work product, ending with practical suggestions designed for effective results. Several case histories with the results are posted on this website. This covers evaluation of relevance, reliability, admissibility and effectiveness of proposed documentary evidence.

When I first started this work, I was asked in a deposition, what set me off from others in my field. I replied: My intelligence. And I am intelligent enough to know that everyone I meet is superior to me in some way.


About Me

Examiner of Questioned Documents & Handwriting


Marcel B. Matley has been a document examiner since 1985, providing a spectrum of services in the discipline.
His experience includes:
• Evaluation of the work product of examiners to unearth their accuracy and/or their mistakes by establishing proper observation, logic, scientific theory and technical methods.
• Assistance in discovering erroneous, incomplete or incompetent opinions regarding
documents and handwriting.
• Consultant to other document examiners.
• Handwriting authentication and signature verification, including numerals.
• Genuineness of logs, diaries, and other writings in series.
• Determination and demonstration of alterations, deletions or additions to documents.
• Formulation of questions for voir dire of opponent’s document examiner.
• Preparation of pertinent citations for cross-examination from learned treatises.
• Identification of the writer of poison pen letters and anonymous writings.
• Examination of foreign scripts.
• Typewriting, fonts, formatting of texts.
• Evaluation of allegedly scientific opinions regarding linguistics.
• Disallowing testimony by proffered ink experts.
• Other aspects of questioned document examination.


Marcel was Board Certified by National Association of Document Examiners, October 2000, at the Conference in Albuquerque, NM, and has been recertified as required since then. Contact us for an eight-page CV with full listing of all credentials. However, I believe my finest credentials are the case reports reproduced on this website which demonstrate I can do the jobs I offer to do. If you need more specific information, just ask us.


Available upon request.


Those I have attended and those I have presented are listed on my CV. Several are available on an open access basis on the Internet. You may request a copy of my current CV.


Listed on my current CV.


I have testified in Federal Courts and state Courts in California, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas and Vermont; and Doha, Qatar. Four-year list of testimonies available upon request. If you need data for a specific past year or past case, make a specific request.


Listed on my current CV. Events listed under “Classes and Lectures” are also relevant to opportunities for Education.


These support my researches relative to consultant services

• A professional collection of more than 15,000 items in handwriting science, document examination and case law, along with current subscriptions.

• The above also comprises uncounted thousands of Professional and Scientific papers in periodical publications.

• Developed proprietary databases with citations to forensic, academic and legal periodicals and to case reporters. These are all on-going projects.

• Haas Atlas, the most complete collection of typewriter fonts.

• NADE and AHAF maintain lending libraries of professional literature for members.


Listed on my current CV


73 items are listed on my current CV with information how to obtain most of them on an open access basis.

A and M Matley

Confidential consulting on any and all aspects of forensic document examination and its use in litigation.

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